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Hipou signifies Great River in Montagnais (Innu), and once you visit, you will understand why!  Come immerse yourself in the Montagnais way of life and see how our experienced personnel will provide you with an unrivalled guest experience.

Our guides will take you in charge as soon as you arrive and escort you to your respective lodges, once settled in, they shall guide you through your first great fishing adventure on the mighty Natashquan River.

Our Montagnais guides, having been raised alongside the river, know it inside and out: the pits, the currents and the river bed hold no secret for them. They are familiar with the salmon’s habitual behaviors, knowing exactly where to find them and will generously share their ancestral knowledge with you.

All along our territory, you find close to thirty salmon pits each easily accessible by boat or by wading. Also, these pits are located in close proximity to the lodges for your ease and convenience. You will find the fishing here is truly outstanding.

Based on recent statistics, the average weight of salmon in the river is seven pounds, and several have been caught weighing in excess of 20 pounds!  Fishing is exceptional, with each angler generally catching one to two salmons per day.



You will find 3 distinct lodges along the river, each appointed to its own fishing zone in order to avoid overcrowded pits.


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You must bring your own fly fishing gear, reels rods, and lines. As the standard equipment for this type of fishing, we recommend a 9 feet salmon fishing rod, equipped with a #8 line with a sink tip and a floating tip for dry fly fishing. Some fishermen also use a switch rod; an 11 feet long fly fishing rod mostly used in Europe.

Also recommended is a good rain coat, and warm cloths, as the weather here on the Côte Nord rapidly changes. The best way to face the elements is with good old multi-layered clothing.

Waders prove to be quite practical to walk in the river but are not necessary, a good pair of conventional boots, will do just as well. Your guides will see to it that you either fish from the boat or from the river side.

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